The Yule feast

Yule Special

The Yule feast is all about food and beer. We'll soon know if someone is out to destroy the good reputation of the Hvidinggård Farm...


On the Hvidinggård Farm everyone is busy with the preparations for the Yule celebration. The influential families in the area have been invited and for the Hvidinggård Farm it's very important to make a good impression in order to keep their position in society. So much depends on the Yule brew. The mistress had her yeast ring stolen just as she was about to start the beer brewing. She secretly borrowed the yeast ring from the Enderup Farm, but will her guests be able to taste the difference? Will the Hvidinggård Farm fall in their esteem? Or will somebody else?

This series of four episodes is about the seasons on a self-sufficient farm in the Viking Age 980 AD. You can explore the reconstructed farm yourself in Ribe VikingeCenter and visit the Wadden Sea which is appointed both National Park and Unesco World Heritage.

The series The Larder has been created with the support of Region Syddanmark and Kulturregion Vadehavet. It's produced by Ribe VikingeCenter in co-operation with Malstrøm.