The Hviding Farm 980 AD

Experience the Viking farm as reconstructed in Ribe VikingeCenter.


In 1985, a Viking Age farm estate in the marshland near Ribe was discovered from a plane. The archaeologists then unearthed the traces of a 600 sq.m. big yard with a main house, stables, barn, smithy, wells and workshop buildings. The farm was located not far from the coast and would have had a view of the Wadden Sea and the ships going in to Ribe, the market town. The farm estate dates to the end of the 10th century when Harald Bluetooth was king of early Denmark.

In Ribe VikingeCenter we have reconstructed the farm estate and made an effort to create a living setting around the Longhouse (main building). It gives an impression of a working Viking farm with gardens, pigsty, horse pen, cattle and sheep. You can even meet the people on the farm, for instance the mistress. We have also made a series of short films about the course of a year on the Viking farm.

We would also recommend you our series of short films 'The Larder' about the Viking farm.