01.07.2013 - 14.07.2013

The Vikings liked their games

There's nothing new about it, actually. Both archealogical and written sources state that Vikings of all ages went in for athletics and competed on different levels. The Vikings primarily used games to practise strength, balance, intelligence, coordination and cooperation. Skills that were particularly important in everyday life and in battle, too. Some Vikings took it even further and made their mark as great athletes.

Archeaologists have found board games, skates, bows and arrows, and toy weapons. The Sagas tell about ball games, swimming, fencing, wrestling, weightlifting, and archery. Of daily practice, warm-up, massage, and mental concentration. Sports and athletics made an important element in the Viking culture, and big games or contests were held in all of Scandinavia. The biggest games apparently went on for weeks.    

Learn the Vikings' games

On your way around Ribe VikingCenter you will come across different challenges involving jumping, running, pulling and so on. Pillow fight, quoits and Hnefatafle board game awaits you in Ribe Town, 825 AD. Also, every day you're invited to join the old games, and don't be alarmed if you don't know the rules. Viking instructors will be around to show you how it goes. The games are simple and amusing.

VikingGames tournament

Ribe VikingeCenter is open till 8pm on Wednesday July 3. At 6:30pm there will be a VikingGames tournament for both Vikings and guests, men and women, young and old. Anyone can participate.