International Viking market

30.04.2012 - 06.05.2012

It's a sure sign of spring when Vikings, craftsmen and merchants from all over Europe invade Ribe VikingeCenter to be part of the Viking market. The setting is completely authentic and the market atmosphere really intense as Ribe VikingeCenter and 400 Vikings turn the past into the present and create a fabulous experience in Ribe 710 AD.

The Vikings live in tents in the marketplace as well as in the town houses. Food is prepared over the fireplaces, friends gather around a jug of mead while kids get a pillow fight going on the balance beam. Scandinavian languages mingle with English, German, Dutch, Russian and Slavic tongues.

Beer-tölt and archers

Some of the Vikings will be arriving at the market on horseback. They will demonstrate how the Icelandic horse is the only race to master the fifth pace, tölt. A rapid, almost flying pace, which in particularly comes in handy for a Viking with a mug full of delicious mead that must not be spilt.

And then there are the archers, some of the very finest in town. Their longbows and arrows are a science in themselves, before you even start on how to hit the bullseye. All of this is on display at the market and - if you're brave enough - you can try to bend a bow yourself.

Vast range of goods 

Expect lively conversations and a swift trade at the market stalls where the choice of goods is huge. You can buy anything from beads and bowls to shoes and shields. And no market would be complete without the tattooist, who uses the proper Viking method to stitch a beautiful symbol onto a strong upper arm. No doubt the market stalls will be a hive of activity, as the public, while trying to get a bargain, also get to see how the Vikings go about their handiwork.

Vikings on the warpath

Even if no screams emerge from the tattooing booth, there will certainly be shouts from the battlefield where scuffles break out and tempers fly between Vikings from Ribe and visiting warriors. It can get quite violent as swords and axes shear through the air and one by one the offenders fall to the ground.

Experiences for the old and the young

At the week-long Viking market, every day is full of trading and creating. On weekdays you can watch the artisans at work, experience a thrilling falcon show and enjoy a number of hands-on activities like archery and warrior training. The weekend offers a programme of battle shows, horse shows and archery shows.