Viking braids


Viking braid

Meet Annette Collin, hairstylist and author of Viking Braids in Ribe VikingeCenter on Monday July 29 and Tuesday July 30.

Beautiful braids, twists, buns, beard braids and threads. Annette will be braiding both hair and beards and selling her book from her stall near the Marketplace, so do pay her a visit. Her book is very comprehensive and provides Step-by-step instructions for you to learn the art as well.

Images: Viking Braids by Annette Collin.
The images are both from the book Viking Braids.
Photos by Rishi.

Get a Viking braid

Buy a book from Annette and she will braid your hair for free (as long as she still has free appointments). If you prefer, you can also just buy a braid.

Visit the workshop and make an appointment with Annette!