Upload your best photo and win!

01.05.2012 - 19.10.2012

We would love to see your best photos of your visit at Ribe VikingeCenter!

Meet us on facebook www.facebook.com/ribevikingecenter and upload your photos with reference to the competition.

Every month from May to October inclusive we award a Ribe Viking necklace to the best photo: Colourful glass beads from the bead maker's workshop and silver Ribe Sceattas made by the silver smith. All the pieces are made in the workshops in the market place at Ribe VikingeCenter.


The competition is on in May, June, July, August, September and October 2012. By the end of each month, Ribe VikingeCenter awards a prize to the best photo submitted during the month in question.

This competition is open to anyone regardless of residence. You can submit an unlimited number of photos as long as they all have been taken at Ribe VikingeCenter. Entries must be submitted to www.facebook.com/ribevikingecenter with reference to the competition and labelled with the entrant's name.

IMPORTANT: You must warrant that the submitted photographs is your own work and that you own the copyright for them. It is your responsibility to ensure that any image you submit have been taken with the permission of the subject/person in the picture.

Each entrant grants a licence to Ribe VikingeCenter to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of their publications, online or print.

The winning photograph of the month will be announced on www.facebook.com/ribevikingecenter. Subsequently, the winner must state their postal address to which the prize will be sent.