Take part in your own Viking film!


How would you like to take part in a film about the Vikings?

This is your chance to take part in your own Viking film! Ribe VikingeCenter and a professional film crew from the production company Malstrøm stand ready to guide you, film you and give you a unique experience in storytelling, role playing and film making in the authentic Viking universe in Ribe VikingeCenter, where the RIPA episodes were filmed.

Would you like to play a part in a Viking film?

Everybody is welcome to join us: children, young people and the young at heart. Do bring your family or your friends. You can enter the activity as a team. All it takes to participate is curiosity, fantasy and playfulness.

Remember to bring your smartphone, tablet or camera for you to shoot some footage during the role play. It is also a good idea to watch RIPA episode 1-3 before you arrive. This will give you a good start.

When and where does it take place?

This film making activity takes place in Ribe VikingeCenter from Monday June 27th till Friday July 1st., and every day offers a new film challenge. It is free to participate when you have paid admission to Ribe VikingeCenter.

How long does it take?

The activity can take anything from one our till all day. It's actually up to you. You decide how fast you will solve your film challenge, how much you want to involve yourself in the storyline and how many exciting encounters you just have to film.

And how is it done?

Together we shall explore how the story about Ask, Uffe and all the others in RIPA could develop after episode 3.

Ask is waiting for you somewhere in Ripa, but before you get to meet him, you must decide which character you want to be in the story and you need to solve a challenge on your way to Ask. The storyline depends on your role, how you solve the challenge and what you will experience on your journey around Ripa. Among other things, you will meet some of the characters in RIPA and visit several filming locations from the film.

During your journey around Ripa, you must shoot short videos with your own smartphone, tablet or camera, just as the film crew will film a lot of footage. It will all be put on YouTube.

In the afternoon, Ask and some of the characters in RIPA will perform a scene for us all to show which course the storyline has taken.

Come join us!

The film crew and RIPA characters will help you the best they can. And you will get all the information you need, when you show up. It will be really exciting to see, how your film will turn out.


The docudrama RIPA is being created with the support of Nordea-fonden. The series is produced by Ribe VikingeCenter in co-operation with Malstrøm.