Summer Solstice


Pagan solstice celebration

The sun is high and nature's larder is bursting with food. To the Vikings, Summer Solstice is an important time and a reason to celebrate. You're very welcome to join in!

Programme June 21, 2019

10:00-12:00: Hands-on: Archery*
10:00-14:00: Visit the Viking kitchen in the Longhouse
10:00-15:15: Hands-on: coin making* and wood carving*
10:00-15:15: Hands-on: make wooden nails and tie knots, try on a Viking cape and a warrior helmet. Challenge each other to a Viking game, try out the warrior exercises and visit the Viking playground
10:15-11:15: The farmer feeds the animals.
11:00-14:00: Hands-on: Make a Midsummer flower crown
12:15: Warrior training for children (7-13 years)
13:00-15:15: Hands-on: Archery*
14:00: Falconry show.
14:30: Solstice celebration! Sacrificial ceremony, pageant, dancing around the Midsummer pole

*Archery, coin making and wood carving cost DKK 25.00 each.
Buy an activity card to join each of the three hands-on activities once. Available at the entrance for DKK 50.00.


Subject to change.