Royal visit Thursday August 2nd


The Queen will visit Ribe VikingeCenter

Ribe VikingeCenter will be open as usual on Thursday August 2nd when Her Majesty the Queen visits. The Queen will arrive at 12:30 and after a private lunch, she is going to see Ripa Harbour, the Longhouse and the Ansgar Church.

Please notice that due to safety measures some areas and buildings will be closed off until after the Queen's visit at 15:00. Still, there will be a very good chance to catch a glimpse of the Queen and also experience the many warriors, who have invaded Ribe VikingeCenter this week.

Programme Thursday August 2, 2018

11:00-16:45: Hands-on archery*, coin making* and wood carving*.
Hands-on: make wooden nails and learn how to tie knots. Try on a Viking cape and a warrior helmet. Challenge each other to a Viking game, try out the warrior exercises. Visit the Viking playground.
12:30: Wargaming. The warriors will be fighting.
13:00: Warrior training for children (7-13 years).
14:00-16:00: Hands-on flatbread baking.
15:00: Falconry show.
15:45: Warrior battle. From the sideline you can catch up on the story/role play about the Lothbrok sons.
16:30: Experience the Ansgar Church.

*Archery, coin making and wood carving cost DKK 25.00 each.
Buy an activity card to join each of the three hands-on activities once. Available at the entrance for DKK 50.00.

Subject to change.