RIPA - a new Danish Viking series on the social media


A new Danish Viking series on the social media

RIPA is the original Viking name for Ribe. Located just a few kilometres from the Wadden Sea in the westernmost part of Jutland, this is where the Danish Viking Era began. This is also where we chance upon Ask, a freedman from Haithabu, who seeks his fortune in Ripa 750 AD. With Ask opens a window into the past allowing the viewers a realistic insight in an - for better and worse - epoch-making century for the town, the region, the country and, of course, the people. 

The first episode of RIPA and a prologue has been released and are available on YouTube. Another eight episodes will follow over the next two years while the construction work depicted in the series progresses in Ribe VikingeCenter. Since 1992 the Centre has been reconstructing Viking Ripa, which now serves as the unique and authentic filming location of the RIPA series.

The story continues on location

Ribe VikingeCenter is a favourite location for Danish as well as foreign productions. This time the Centre is thrilled to present their own production. "At the moment we are reconstructing a century so crucial to Danish culture and that includes building a harbour and a church. The Vikings created a successful commercial centre in Ripa which generated an extensive traffic of goods, people and cultures. However, we always seek to address the interpersonal relations as they make our living history interpretation really stand out. Film is a great media to get just that across", says Bjarne Clement and Karen Nørgaard, managers of Ribe VikingeCenter.

Historical interpretation on social media

Also involved in the project is the production company MALSTRØM: "The use of film for social media is a new way for museums and heritage centres to communicate often complex subjects. RIPA being a docudrama requires the right story, script and location. It is an exciting project as we also need to make it work with a team of interpreters, reenactors and professinal actors. It brings a positiv aspect to the project  and means the story will continue on location every day in Ribe VikingeCenter", says director Simon Lykke, MALSTRØM.

The episodes will be released on the social media to reach a wide audience  both in Denmark and abroad including viewers who will not be able to visit Ribe VikingeCenter. The series is designed for educational purposes as well and this was essential to Nordea-fonden's decision to support the film project. "The episodes will provide a better insight in an important era of our history. It is a great idea to involve young people and reenactors in the otherwise professional film production. I'm sure it will add to the historical interpretation and the interest in our cultural heritage with our young people", says Henrik Lehmann Andersen, director of Nordea-fonden, which supports activities that promote good living.  

About the docudrama RIPA

The story takes place from 750 AD to 860 AD and begins with the Earl of Ripa ordering the building of a new harbour to attract bigger ships and riches. The series describes the development of society and everyday life in a time characterized by economic growth, cultural clash and the introduction of a new and very different creed. 

Leading actor is Rudi Køhnke (Nordkraft, Fidibus) and on the list of supporting characters are mainly historical interpreters, reenactors and students from Lustrupholm School of Production and Ribe VikingeCenter. The viewer visiting the Centre will be able to explore the film location and meet the characters. This way, the story continues on location and in the mind of the visitor.

The docudrama RIPA consists of nine short films of ca. eight minutes each as well as 12 short documentaries describing specific crafts.

Watch the episode 1 "The Duel" of RIPA here (with English subtitles).

Watch the prologue "The Vision of a Harbour" here

Nordea-fonden supports the production of the docudrama RIPA


Head of communication Tine Wickers, tel. 4070 3784,

About Ribe VikingeCenter

Ribe VikingeCenter is a 20 ha. heritage centre with a concept of living history. All reconstructions base on archaeological finds made in and around Ribe. The Centre has built the Marketplace 710 AD, Ripa Town 825 AD, and the Manor Farm 980 AD. With Ripa Harbour 750 AD and also soon Ansgar's Church 860 AD the Centre will be able to present an almost complete picture of Viking Age Denmark.

Authenticity and living history is the trade mark of Ribe VikingeCenter where credible Viking environments, hands-on activities and role playing form a synthesis.

Ribe is the place in Denmark and Scandinavia, where archeaologists have excavated the earliest Viking Age finds. In 2012 Sydvestjyske Museer presented ground-breaking research after discovering a Christian burial site dating back to the middle of the 9th century. Analysis have since proven the existence of a Danish Christian minority in Ribe about 100 years before Harold Bluetooth had the Jelling Runestone erected in 965 AD.


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MALSTRØM is an experienced production company located on Funen, which specializes in making aesthetic and narrative commercials. MALSTRØM's priority is creative and exciting films with an equal focus on both the story and the scenes. The all important goal is to create feelings.


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