Free entry on August 26, 2017


Celebrating our 25 years anniversary

So there you are! Entry is free when visiting Ribe VikingeCenter on Saturday August 26th.

Take the day off to explore Viking Ripa and come face to face with the warrior, the völva, the archer, the beadmaker, the blacksmith, the farmer and all his animals, the market entertainer, the slave trader, the lady of the house, the carpenter, the king's minter, the merchant and all the others.

Programme for Saturday August 26, 2017

Open 11:00 - 17:00

11:00-16:45: Hands-on: archery*
11:00-17:00: Hands-on: make wooden nails and tie knots. Try on a Viking helmet and a Viking cape. Challenge each other to a Viking game and visit the mythological playground. Try your hand at wood carving* and coin making*.
11:00-17:00: REGIN Viking blacksmiths are busy working in the smithies in the Marketplace and on the farm.
11:00-17:00: Try your hand at striking fire in the smithy in the marketplace.
11:00: Viking music on the farm with the band GNY.
12:00: Entertainment in Ripa Town. Join in!
12:30: Dedication of Ripa Harbour, år 750.
13:00: Presentation of the Ribe VikingeCenter time capsule to mark the first 25 years.
13:00: Warrior training for children 7-13 years.
13:30: Viking music in the marketplace with the band GNY.
14:00: Archery show by ULL, the Viking Longbow guild.
14:00: Visit the church construction site.
14:30: Entertainment in the marketplace. Join in!
15:00: Falconry show.
15:30: Warrior show by the RIPA warriors.
16:00: Music and dancing with the band GNY.
16:30: Horse show by the DREKI riders and their Icelandic horses.

NOTE! The Longhouse will be open for guest after 13:00.

* Activity card for three different activities (archery, whittling and coin maiking) is DKK 50. Otherwise DKK 25 per activity.

When time travelling makes hungry...

12:00-16:30: In Ripa Town... we sell flatbread with salad and grilled beef, draught beer and juice.
12:00-16:30: In the café garden... we sell grilled sausages with bread, draught beer and soda.
12:00-16:30: In the café... we sell sandwiches and a kids' menu.
12:00-16:30: In the kiosk... we sell ice cream, soda, beer, coffee and tea.
13:00-16:30: In the pavilion... we sell cake, coffee, tea and juice.


Subject to changes.