Watch the film 'The vision of a harbour'


Stay up to date on the harbour building activities in Ribe VikingeCenter

The reconstruction of Ripa Harbour has begun! All season you can follow the Viking builders as they work hard to finish the grand harbour commissioned by the Earl of Ripa.

Learn why Ribe VikingeCenter is building a harbour.

As an introduction to the story of Ripa Harbour - and to get your imagination going - we have created a short film 'The vision of a harbour'. It introduces you to Ask, a young man who has left Haithabu (Hedeby) to start a new life in Ripa. He has a vision of a great harbour in Ripa, and the Earl seizes the opportunity to begin building.

The film was made entirely in Ribe VikingeCenter featuring just one professional actor. The rest of the cast are the Viking interpreters in Ribe VikingeCenter and the students at the Lustrupholm School of Production.

Meet Ask and the Ripa citizens

Please remember that you can meet Ask, the builders and the rest of the Ripa citizens in Ribe VikingeCenter! Discover the marketplace, visit the shoemaker's house and see for yourself how the harbour project is coming on.

The stage is set for new adventures and we promise to regularly report on Ask and his new life in Ripa on

Watch the film 'The vision of a harbour'.



The reconstruction of Ripa Harbour and Ansgar's Church is made possible by a generous donation of DKK 10 mill. by the A.P. Møller Foundation.

The archaeological excavations in Ribe VikingeCenter as well as the establishment of the lake is funded by the Municipality of Esbjerg.

The making of the film was co-funded by the project: Destination Sydvestjylland - samarbejdsformer for succes, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund as well as The Southern Denmark Growth Forum.