Change of management in Ribe VikingeCenter


As of January 2021 a new management of Ribe VikingeCenter, Mikkel Fisker Laursen and Christin Vesterager Clausen will take over from Karen Nørgaard and Bjarne Clement.

It all began 28 years ago in 1992 with the first reconstructed building, a few skilled craftsmen, and a co-operation with the Lustrupholm School of production, an activation programme for young people. From there it progressed with an increasing number of visitors, more qualified colleagues, an impressive network of volunteers, funds for new building and interpretation projects, and over the years there has always been a constructive dialogue with the local authorities and an active board to back the initiatives.

The new managers are not new to Ribe VikingeCenter. In fact, Mikkel Fisker Laursen has been the centre's master builder since 2010, and Christin Vesterager Clausen has been with the centre since 2013 in the position as dramaturg. The change in management has been planned for some time and the new managers have equally been involved in the work for some time now. With the complete backing from the colleagues, Mikkel and Christin are ready to take Ribe VikingeCenter into the future.