Late opening on August 1st

01.08.2012 - 01.08.2012

It going to be another great day for the whole family on Ribe VikingeCenter on August 1st! To mark our 20 years' jubilee we're open from 11am till 8pm and have put together a full programme for you.


Our VikingGames are lot's of fun! We invite our guest to play along on August 1st, and remember that our VikingGames are for both children and adults.

Participants will be competing in events like archery, javelin throw, Viking shoe throw, 'block walk' and caber toss.

50% discount on admission to children bringing a Viking drawing

On August 1 there's a 50% discount on admission to all children bringing a Viking drawing (one child per drawing). We hope to receive lots of beautiful drawings, which will all be uploaded to our facebook profile.

Programme 01.08. 2012

Role play: Riots and disputes between warriors will take place in the Viking environments during the day.
All day:
Strike a bargain at the stalls. Try out archery, Viking games and breadmaking. Make wooden nails, mint your own Ribe-coin, and borrow a Viking cape. Open wood whittler's shop and historical playground.
11:00-15:30: Sign up for the Ribe VikingGames. Children, adults and Vikings compete in different, funny events. The VikingGames start at 17:30. 
11:30-12:30: Viking Age street entertainment
12:00: Warrior training.
12:30: The Vikings challenge you to tug-of-war.
13:00: Guided walk (Danish).
13:00-20:00: Visit the Viking kitchen 
13:30: Falconry show.
14:45: Vikings in the warpath. Battle show.
15:30: Falconry show.
16:00: Pageant.
17:10: Gathering at the rune stone to mark the Jubilee.
The VikingGames for children, adults and Vikings.
19:30: Vikings on the warpath. Battle show.