Broad beans and trout on toast

Broad beans and trout on toast

One of the many crops on the Viking farm is the broad bean. In the kitchen, the outer pod is removed and the beans are blanched in order to peel off the bitter skins.

In case you don't have broad beans, you can replace them with modern alternatives like edamame beans or green peas for this recipe. Those options were not available to the Vikings, though. 

This is a fresh summer dish great for lunch or as a starter.

Broad beans and trout on toast (2-4 people)

400 g broad beans, blanched and without skins (or modern edamame beans)
1 clove garlic, chopped
4-6 fresh mint leaves, chopped
2 tsp salt
250 ml natural fresh cream cheese - see the recipe here

1 fresh trout, cleaned (or mackerel or salmon)
Tops of onions
Butter for frying

4 slices of good, stale bread
Butter for frying
1 clove garlic

Video: Watch to learn how to make broad beans and trout on toast

Use a mortar to pound the beans, garlic, mint and salt into a coarse mash (or use a modern blender). Ad about 150 ml fresh cream cheese and mix well.

Season the fish with salt and stuff it with tops of onion. Fry the fish in butter for about 5-7 minutes depending on the size of the fish. Ad more onion to the pan during cooking for extra flavour. Remove the fish from the pan and set to one side.

On a hot pan toast both sides of the bread slices in butter.

Rub the bread with the garlic clove. Place a decent spoonful of broad bean mixture on each slice and on top of that a piece of trout. Garnish with more fresh cream cheese and chopped mint.