Beer 'n bread porridge

Beer 'n bread porridge

In Danish 'Øllebrød'. Beer 'n bread. A traditional Danish porridge made from stale rye bread. Because in DK we do love our rye bread and back in the days you would make use of every last crumb. There is room for experimenting, too, so get on with it and invent your own favourite. You can use ale, malt beer or simply just water. For sweetness use honey, white sugar or brown sugar. Finally, give your Beer 'n bread porridge a twist with for instance a little orange, lemon, cinnamon, vanilla or raisins.

Beer 'n bread porridge is one of the oldest Danish dishes. Since the Vikings and perhaps even longer, the everyday diet largely consisted of rye bread and beer. Until the middle of the 1800s, the Danes had rye bread with every meal and a low-alcohol brew as the water was unfit for drinking. Leftover bread and beer was mixed and made to an unsweetened porridge.

Recipe for 4 people

300 g stale rye bread
400 ml ale - or malt beer or water
1 large tablespoon honey (or sugar)
200 ml full fat cream
Salt to taste

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Break up the stale bread. Mix the bread, beer and honey in a pan and let it simmer on a low heat for about 45 minutes until the bread has dissolved into a soft porridge. Season with salt to taste. Whip the cream and serve with the warm beer 'n bread porridge.