The völva

A wise woman with certain connections

Tales of gods and giants

The Völva is everywhere and nowhere! She lives in a wooden house by the stream, but often she is visiting Ribe Town or the market place, casting her runes to tell people their fortunes or singing her songs of mockery against the Christian missionaries and ministers. Perhaps you will find her sitting by the fire in one of the houses, sometimes surrounded by a pack of children. The young ones listen eagerly to her captivating tales about gods and heroes from the old days.

The Völva has a great knowledge of and a special connection to the old gods, the Aesir, and she is the one who officiates the sacred rites marking, for instance, Mid Summer and Mid Winter. If you have questions regarding Odin, Thor, Freya or any of the other gods or the old ways, our Völva is the person to ask!