The falconer

Breathtaking shows

Birds of prey

The falconer is a skilled archer, and you are likely to meet him and his birds near the archery range. His whole life is pretty much centred on the raising of and hunting with birds. This requires a specialist's knowledge, much grooming and practice every day.

It is possible that birds of prey were also used for hunting, for instance sparrowhawks. We know that towards the end of the Middle Ages, hunting with falcons was a privelege reserved for kings and rulers, and there was an extensive trade in falcons with the Middle East. However, nowadays it is forbidden to keep Danish native birds in captivity, so Ribe VikingeCenter keeps foreign birds of prey.

At Ribe VikingeCenter you can experience the breathtaking falconry shows. Feel the rush in your belly as the Harris Hawk swoops right down the crowd, only to land on the falconer's outstretched arm and receive its well-deserved treat - a juice cut of meat.