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RIPA - The Reckoning

Episode 9:9

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Watch the thrilling last episode of Ribe VikingeCenter's docudrama RIPA


  • Visit the Vikings in Ripa Town

    07-08-2018 - 09-08-2018
    The Viking families invite you to visit them in their beautiful homes in Ripa Town.
  • Visit the Vikings in the Marketplace

    14-08-2018 - 16-08-2018
    Meet the Vikings in the Marketplace: The glass beadmaker, silversmith, coin minter, völva, jester and more.
  • Blacksmiths' gathering

    18-08-2018 - 19-08-2018
    Meet the skilled REGIN blacksmiths in the Marketplace.
  • Warrior training for children 7-13 yrs

    23-06-2018 - 26-08-2018
    Learn how to fight like a Viking using the spear, sword and shield.
  • Falconry show

    23-06-2018 - 26-08-2018
    Meet the falconer and his beautiful birds of prey.


  • Royal visit Thursday August 2nd

    Royal visit Thursday August 2nd

  • Role playing in Viking Ripa

  • Free entry on August 26, 2017

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