Vikings on Icelandic horseback

Icelandic horses at Ribe VikingeCenter July 21 till July 27, 2019

Open every day 11:00-17:00.

Vikings and their Icelandic horses

There are horses here, horses there and horses everywhere in Ribe VikingeCenter!

The Icelandic horse is relatively small, strong, steady and a direct descendant of the horses which the Vikings brought with them to Iceland in the 9th century. The race has retained all of its original attributes, and masters all five types of gait: Trot, canter, gallop, walk and tölt.

Tölt is only found among Icelandic horses. When the horse tölts, it always has at least one hoof on the ground, and the rider barely moves in the saddle. In this way horse and rider can travel over long, steep and uneven terrain without tiring.

Help the Vikings groom the horses, see the Vikings trade horses and don't miss out on the horse show.

Season ticket

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