The Viking kitchen

Food from local produce

Nordic food is Viking food

No doubt the Vikings enjoyed healthy, tasty food and a balanced diet. Today, there is a renewed interest in traditional Danish produce and some of the country's Michelin chefs take great pride in serving 'new nordic food'. Fact is: Nordic food is Viking food.

In 2012 the Vikings in the Longhouse prepared new dishes every day using local, seasonal produce. The project 'Nordic food is Viking food' was supported by Region Syddanmark.


Would you like to try some of the Vikings' recipes? You can easily adapt them and make the dishes in your own modern kitchen.

Porridge and gruel for the Vikings

Tasty Viking bread

The Vikings smoke fish and meat

Fish and shellfish 

Nature's green larder

Viking food with lamb

A Viking feast 

Everyday food

Tasty Viking bread

Porridge and gruel for the Vikings

Travel food


Filling everyday food

A harvest feast

Porridge for the Vikings

Tavern food

Vitamins from fruit and berries

Apples in sweet and savoury dishes