Autumn activities and Viking role play for children

Autumn activities in Ribe VikingeCenter October 12-16, 2020

Open Monday-Friday 10:00-15:30.

Travel back in time and discover Viking Ripa. We invite all children to take part in the great role play of the year.

Join the role play and enter the world of the Vikings

The chest where Earl Bjorn keeps all the taxes paid by the townspeople is no way near as full as he anticipated. Can it be that some people in Ripa dodge paying? And what does the note received by Ulfhild say exactly? Who might be able to read the runes?

Visit Ribe VikingeCenter with your brother, sister or good friend and help Bjorn and Ulfhild with their questions. Go explore Viking Ripa and search for clues and witnesses.

Age group: About 7-13 years + their parents/grandparents. Especially the youngest will benefit from having an adult or an older sibling come along. The role players will be given a task and are supposed to go search for clues, approach the Vikings that might know something and report back.

Duration: Min. 1.5 hours. Last entry is at 13:30 as the story ends with an assembly at 14:30. Many children become so involved in the Viking world that they might need more time. Apart from the role play, there are more activities on the programme. Take a look below.

The story: The story/role play consists of three parts. We will be acting part 1 on Monday and again on Tuesday. Part 2 is on Wednesday and Thursday. We will act part 3 on Friday.

Price: It is FREE to join the role play, but you have to pay for admission to Ribe VikingeCenter.

Season ticket: If you would like to visit Ribe VikingeCenter more than one day (and join in for more than just one part of the story), you might want to consider purchasing a season card. It pays for itself on your second visit and is valid for a whole year. That means you will have free admission to the 2020 International Viking Market in April/May and also the events of the summer. Learn more about the season ticket here.

Programme October 12-16, 2020

10:00-14:30: Role play for children. Start by 13:30.
10:00-15:15: Hands-on archery*, coin making* and wood carving*
10:00-15:15: Hands-on: make wooden nails, challenge each other to a Viking game, try out the warrior exercises. Visit the Viking playground
10:30: The farmer feeds the animals.
12:15: Warrior training for children aged 7-13
13:00: Market entertainment
14:00: Falconry show
14:30: Role play: Concluding assembly. Everyone is welcome!

Extra on Monday:
13:00: Herbs used by the völva (DK/GB)

Extra on Wednesday:
13:00: Experience the Ansgar Church

Extra on Friday:
12:30: The archaeologist explains (DK/GB)

Activity card for three different activities (archery, whittling and coin maiking) is DKK 60. Otherwise DKK 30 per activity. 

Subject to change.