Ribe VikingeCenter

Tel. +45 75 411 611
Open Monday to Thursday 08:00 till 15:00. Friday 08:00 till 14:00.



Historical interpretation

  • Ida Andersen
    Archaeologist and interpreter: Lady of the Thing-hall
    (seasonal employee)

  • Bjørke Bruun
    Interpreter: Market entertainment, glass, warrior training
    (seasonal employee)

  • Anders Nielsen
    Carpenter and interpreter

Shop and ticket sales

  • Mai-Britt Mouritzen
    Shop assistant (seasonal employee)

  • Birthe Falkenberg
    Shop assistant (seasonal employee)


  • Kasper Volder Møller
    Service employee

  • Lise Kristiansen
    Service employee


When visiting Ribe VikingeCenter you will also encounter reenactors/volunteer Vikings from all of Europe. Moreover, we have students and teachers from the school FGU Vest Ribe participating in different activities as a part of their practical experience.