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The Slave

Asketud was born a slave and destined for a hard life. Find out about the Vikings' slaves here.


  • International Viking Market

    24-04-2017 - 30-04-2017
    Hundreds of Vikings, craftsmen, traders, warriors, archers and riders from all over Europe meet in Ribe VikingeCenter for the great Viking Market.
  • Falconry show

    24-04-2017 - 23-06-2017
    Meet the falconer and his beautiful birds of prey.
  • Summer Solstice

    21-06-2017 -
    Join the Vikings for the Summer Solstice celebration.
  • Vikings on Icelandic horses

    23-07-2017 - 29-07-2017
    Lots of horses this week in Ribe VikingeCenter!
  • Viking warriors!

    31-07-2017 - 06-08-2017
    The earth is shaking and it smells like trouble. Come face to face with the fearless Viking warriors!


  • Viking warriors!

    Viking warriors!

  • Take part in your own Viking film!

  • RIPA - a new Danish Viking series on the social media

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