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RIPA - The duel

Episode 1:9

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Watch Ribe VikingeCenter's docudrama on life in Viking Ripa 750-860 AD.


  • Vikings in Ripa Harbour

    11-07-2016 - 15-07-2016
    Meet the master builder and his workers on the building site and see how they toil to finish Ripa Harbour, 750 AD.
  • Visit the Vikings in Ripa Town

    19-07-2016 - 21-07-2015
    The Viking families invite you to visit them in their beautiful homes in Ripa Town.
  • Vikings on Icelandic horses

    24-07-2016 - 30-07-2016
    Lts of horses this week in Ribe VikingeCenter! This is your chance to experience horse trade and horse shows, just as you can help groom the horses.
  • Viking warriors!

    02-08-2016 - 07-08-2016
    The earth is shaking and it smells like trouble. Come face to face with the fearless Viking warriors!
  • Warrior training for children 7-13 yrs

    02-05-2016 - 24-06-2016
    Learn how to fight like a Viking using the spear, sword and shield.
  • Falconry show

    02-05-2016 - 24-06-2016
    Meet the falconer and his beautiful birds of prey.
  • Try your aim at archery

    02-05-2016 - 24-06-2016
    Borrow a Viking longbow and let the archers give you a few tips before you try your aim.
  • Wood whittling

    02-05-2016 - 24-06-2016
    Try working at the shaving horse using a draw knife.


  • Viking warriors!

    Viking warriors!

  • Take part in your own Viking film!

  • RIPA - a new Danish Viking series on the social media

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