International Viking Market

Denmark's most authentic Viking market

Viking market at Ribe VikingeCenter May 1-8, 2015

01.05.-02.05.:  10:00-17:00
03.05.-05.05.:  10:00-16:00
06.05.:  10:00-20:00
07.05.-08.05.:  10:00-16:00

An atmosphere unrivalled

Visit the international Viking market at Ribe VikingeCenter. Enjoy some incredible days alongside Vikings, craftsmen, warriors, archers, riders, jesters and many others.

1300 years ago, in Viking Age Ribe, the market place by Ribe River was an exciting and tremendously important place. Vikings and other good people came from far and wide to trade and exchange their wares right here. The market was known throughout the world, and as it attracted the most skilled craftsmen the place buzzed with life. And that's how Ribe was born.

At the largest Viking market in Denmark, you can experience the truly authentic market atmosphere. You will be right in the middle of Viking Age Ribe, with its smell of smoke, food and horses, where the sounds of many different languages and of Vikings roaring can be heard throughout the site. Strike a good bargain at the stalls, witness how the glass bead maker and other Viking craftsmen ply their trades. Pat the Icelandic horses, try your aim at archery, and have your fortune told by the Völva. Try some of the delicious Viking food and watch the wild battle shows. 

Participation as reenactor during the Viking Market is only possible by invitation from Ribe VikingeCenter. More info about this here.





Subject to change.